Thursday, September 11, 2014

Solar power is buoyant…literally

The world’s largest floating solar power plants are underway.

Did you know that Japan is currently building two gigantic solar power plants that are to be operational by April of 2015? Seems like the limitation of available land in the country is no match for Japanese ingenuity.

According to reports, solar panel firm Kyocera, Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation and Ciel Terre have announced a collaboration to build a total of 30 floating solar power plants, capable of generating a combined 60 MW of power. As per a joint release, the first of these plants will have 1.7 MW of power capacity, making it what is believed to be the largest floating solar power plant in the world. The solar power station will be placed on the surface of Nishihira pond in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, and the construction activities are said to start this month (September). 

On the other hand, the second solar plant is said to have a capacity of 1.2 MW and is planned to be built on Dongping pond.

Based on industry studies, the two solar power plants as specified will have enough capacity to power anywhere between 483 and 967 American homes, based on their present energy demands.
The thought of building floating solar power plants is fast gaining traction, as they are expected to have lower temperatures (because they are on water) and are seen to be more efficient. In fact, India has also been cited to have invested in floating solar panels.

Onwards to an energy-secure world
The attention that countries are affording the issue of energy security is heightened, as the calamitous effects of the ever-increasing demand for electricity are gradually being felt. Recent news items reveal that rotating blackouts are being experienced in certain cities, even regions, in the world, and that more people are suffering from power interruptions due to the inability of electric facilities to satisfy the demand. As the world’s oil reserves recede, owing to the greater rate of consumption, the situation is only expected to worsen. 

The increasing popularity, acceptance and establishment of renewable energy sources, like solar in this case, greatly help the cause of global energy security. As years pass, and as more attributes of renewable energy sources are discovered, alternative power technologies will only prove to be better, more efficient and wider in reach. 

As renewable energy systems are optimized, other alternative power sources, like rental power plants, can support their present electricity generation capacity. When renewable facilities are still not able to support the existing power requirement, mobile power stations can fill in the gap in supply and ensure a viable and sustainable source of power. Being modular, scalable and affordable, temporary energy facilities pose no challenge in terms of delivery and installation, operation or procurement.

Renewable energy technologies need to be allowed to develop. Often criticized for their perceived lack of dependability and predictability, these sources are currently being studied and improved so their users can reap maximum benefits from them. The process will take time, but with the support of other alternative energy technologies, renewable energy facilities will sooner than later come of age.  

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