Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Closing Time?

When people pay huge sums to buy a ticket for a game, a concert or a show, they expect it to be worth it. And they can easily be disappointed even by a slight mishap. Our continuing feature on the industries mostly affected by power outages.

Tom Jones, Kate Bush, Justin Bieber, Paramore, and Tony Bennet. Los Angeles Angels, Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Clippers. These are some of the world famous names and brands which have been, at least once in their existence, embroiled in a performance-related problem caused by an unexpected power outage.

In 2013, crooner Tom Jones’ concert in Doha, Qatar was temporarily halted due to a blackout. In 2014, singer Tony Bennett’s performance was cancelled owing to a massive power outage that affected large areas of Southern Santa Barbara County in California, USA. During one of Justin Bieber’s private concerts, stage instruments ceased to sound, and the young singer was left to perform a Capella. In a Paramore concert, a technical fault due to a power outage lasted for 15 minutes, throwing the crowd into confusion as to how and when the concert of the American band might go on.

Baseball teams Angels and Rays had to stop a game for 19 minutes as a thunderstorm going on outside the stadium caused several lights in the field to go out. NBA teams Thunder and Clippers had to play the remainder of the first half of one of their post-season matches in low light, after an unexpected power interruption happened at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Though in some cases fans stayed on and weathered the momentary inconvenience, there have been reports that a considerable number of people chose to head to the exits and demanded for refunds. Imagine the logistic and the financial impact of returning money to the disappointed ticket-holders. Imagine what they would say about the event organization, the venue and the artist, as they vent out their frustration. Imagine what the reception of the next event would be like after news of the blackout seeps out of the arena.

When holding large-scale events like concerts and indoor & outdoor sports spectacles, it is always advisable to be prepared and proactive, because electricity supply-related problems can strike when least expected. Hiring the services of temporary power service providers to provide stand-by, supplemental and emergency power at the event is a good idea. The price of getting rental power stations on board as a preventive measure is considerably minimal compared to the headache and the losses that can be brought about by refund demands and negative publicity. Power plants for hire can easily be delivered and installed at the event venue, because they are modular and work on plug-and-play configuration. After the event, they are also easy to disengage, with trained and experienced engineers dedicated for the job.

In such a highly competitive industry, like events and performance production, even the slightest negative review can largely affect a company’s next venture. After all, the popular industry adage is true till today: “You're only as good as your last success”.


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