Monday, September 7, 2015

Temporary Power Plants Support Hydropower Generation

Many countries around the globe whose electricity generation is mainly dependent on hydropower are being adversely affected by the extended and intense El Niño phenomenon. El Niño, a cyclical meteorological phenomenon, brings droughts in a number of regions in the world, causing hydropower facilities to fail to generate enough electricity for residential and industrial consumption.

In cases like this, utility providers or governments of hydropower-dependent countries can find merit in hiring large-scale temporary power plants. Rental power plants can instantly fill in the gap in electricity supply without the need to heavily invest in permanent power infrastructure or wait years or decades for the completion of one. As large-scale rental generators are modular and containerized they can be rapidly delivered to and installed anywhere in the world, and can be configured to the requirement of any city, region or even an entire country. They are fully capable of working in remote locations and in areas where grids or substations are outdated, damaged or absent. They can be fully constructed and operated in a matter of weeks, and can be ramped up or scaled down based on the customer’s consumption.

Aside from proven reliability and ease of installation and operation, large-scale temporary power plants also boast of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Modern large-scale rental generators are able to run on a variety of fuels, including natural gas or dual-fuel (gas and diesel) and thus surpass worldwide emission standards.

By virtue of their economy, dependability and environmentally friendliness, renting large-scale temporary power plants as a solution for seasonal electricity requirements yields many benefits to governments, utilities, industries and residents.


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