Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Benefits of Turning to Temporary Power from a Tenant’s Perspective

Owning a home has always been my lifelong goal, but unfortunately, personal and economic circumstances have not yet made that possible. So at present, I am renting a midsize house near my place of work. Through this experience, however, I realized that renting is a real viable alternative to having my own place – especially in a recuperating economy.

Working for a temporary power provider, I reckon that the benefits afforded to me by renting a home, compared to buying my own place, are parallel to the merits of turning to temporary power solutions, instead of building new or maintaining old permanent power plants. So for those who are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the concept of hiring electricity, here are 5 advantages of renting power explained through the perspective of a tenant.

1. Availability
When one chooses to rent, he will not have to wait for when the house is constructed or when the property is handed over, after all the legalities are fulfilled and relevant papers are signed. This can take years! Where will one stay, then? Under a tree? When one rents, he just has to pay the first month’s rent and move in. Simple. The same thing in turning to temporary power solutions. A city, a region or a country does not have to wait till the permanent power facilities are built to have electricity. The utilities can simply hire the services of a temporary power provider, the equipment and the engineering team will arrive at the site, and the power plant can be installed and powered on in a matter of days. Not years, but days.

2. Flexibility
One does not know what the future holds. One can get married and have children, and thus require a bigger home. On the flip side, one can lose his job or, touch wood, one of his loved ones, and decide to downgrade. Power requirements show a similar pattern. There are times, like during summer, when electricity requirement spikes, and there are seasons when it relaxes. With temporary power solutions, power utilities can choose to add or subtract power modules to increase or decrease the output of the power plants. There will be no need to build an additional permanent power facility when the power demand goes up, and there will be no need to run existing permanent power plants at part-load when electricity requirements go down.

3. No need to think of maintenance
Another definitive advantage of renting a home is that tenants do not have to think about maintenance and repair of household equipment and amenities. When you rent a property, the landlord should be responsible for all maintenance and repair jobs. It is the same case in hiring the services of temporary power providers. Part of their service is ensuring that generators run smoothly and efficiently at all times. So, clients can leave the maintenance services to the expert and highly trained engineers at site, and concentrate on activities that matters most to them.

4. Access to modern amenities/technology
Imagine building a state-of-the-art swimming pool and fully equipped gym in your own home. Nice to have, isn’t it? But they represent a colossal expense, and can be prohibitive to most of us. Temporary power solution providers deploy and install cutting-edge power generation technologies that are highly reliable and tremendously fuel efficient. Because such equipment can be rented, clients do not have to spend a fortune on capital expenditure, and can simply pay for the hired equipment and electricity from their operating revenues.

5. Freedom from worries of decreasing values
Property values go up or down. While this may be a huge factor for homeowners, it does not affect tenants. Hired temporary power plants can simply be demobilized when the requirement for supplemental electricity has sailed. This means that there will be no depreciating permanent equipment or facility left behind, which may sit idle and/or may need constant service and maintenance through the years. So those who turn to temporary power solutions do not have to worry about escalating expenses and dwindling values of permanent power facilities.

Bottom Line
Renting or buying is one’s own choice. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, the trump card of renting is the availability, affordability and flexibility it provides. It may be a different case for you. But, this one is true: before deciding to rent or to buy, look at all the available choices, review the details and make the decision that fits your needs and your pocket.

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