Monday, November 14, 2016

How Much Do You Know About Renting Electricity?

You know that you can rent a car, a flat, or even songs and movies. But, have you heard about renting power?

Renting affords numerous advantages, particularly to transient users, or those that use a particular item for a limited period of time. Think about renting flats, cars, movies or costumes. When you don’t see yourself living in a city for a long period of time, will you still invest in buying a home? When you expect to sparingly use a car, will you still spend on acquiring one and shell out for servicing and maintenance throughout its lifetime? For someone who simply likes to watch a new movie and does not fancy collecting films, will it make more sense to rent it than to actually buy a copy of it? Would you like to wear that Dracula costume every year to a Halloween party? I guess not.

There are many things that you can rent, but have you any idea about renting electricity? Yes, electricity can be rented, and it is a viable solution to energize numerous communities around the world that still lack access to reliable electricity. So, how does that work?

Basically, when a power utility company, a manufacturing firm, a mine operator or a government chooses to rent electricity, what they actually get is a complete, temporary power plant, designed, tailored, delivered, installed, operated, managed and serviced by a temporary power provider. All the equipment are owned by the provider, and the customer does not have to nvest in anything related to capital. Similar to renting any other item, the customer only has to pay for the product or service while he is using it – or in this case, for the electricity generated during the contract. This means that the customer can simply pay for the services of the rental power provider from his OPEX or operational expenditure.

Rental power plants are unlike permanent power plants. They are made up of modular power equipment, generators, transformers and other ancillaries, and can be simply connected “plug-and-play”-style. Because of this, they can be easily delivered from and to anywhere in the world, and can be made operational within days. Customers need not wait for years or decades obtaining approvals, financing and waiting for the completion of construction. Remember when you rented a car? The car was ready and was immediately handed over to you, right? And when you rented a flat? Did you have to wait for years for the building to be built before you could move in? No. Upon making the first tranche of payment, the keys to the unit were readily given to you.

When the need for supplemental electricity passes, a rental power plant can be simply uninstalled and demobilized, of course, by the temporary power provider. This means that there will be no permanent infrastructure left behind that will need constant maintenance and servicing. Simply put, the utility provider, the mining company, the manufacturing firm or the government stops spending when the need for supplemental electricity is no longer there.

To summarize, here is an illustration of what is involved in renting electricity:

We said above that renting electricity is a perfect option for energizing communities around the world that still do not enjoy the benefits of reliable electricity. Turning to temporary power solutions is a fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective way to gain access to consistent electricity. As governments, utility providers and allied stakeholders implement long-term energy plans, temporary power plants, working alone or in tandem with other sources of electrical power, can urgently provide the required electricity anywhere and anytime it is needed. 


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