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Five Renewable Energy Records Broken in 2014

2014 was a banner year for renewable energy. After a three year correction in renewable energy finance, reports show that investments increased last year, particularly towards the construction of wind farms and solar energy facilities. Numbers from Bloomberg New Energy Finance demonstrate that, last year, China was the world’s largest renewable energy investor, followed by the US.

These reports are supported by the myriad news items on record achievements in renewable energy generation. For instance, last year around 100 GW of solar and wind power capacity were built, which represented a notable increase compared to the 74 GW of the previous year.

As we look forward to an even bigger year for sustainable power, we present to you five renewable energy records that were smashed in 2014.

Denmark gets 39.1% of its overall electricity from wind

In 2014, Denmark set a new world record for wind energy production, achieving a total generation equal to almost 40% of its overall electricity supply. With this latest feat, experts concur that the country is well on its way to meets its goal for 2020 of getting 50% of its power from renewable sources. Additionally, wind was declared as the cheapest form of energy in Denmark in 2014.

UK wind power generation rises to 28.1 TWh

In the UK, wind power generation in 2014 rose by 15% from 24.5 TWh. With this historic achievement, the country was said to be in the position to supply the electrical power needs of more than 6.7 million households. Reports add that a combination of grid-connected wind farms and standalone turbines in the UK was able to produce 9.3% of the country’s electricity demand in 2014, from only 7.8% in 2013.

Germany produces 26% of its energy from renewable sources

According to Berlin-based information agency Agora Energiewende, in 2014, Germany was able to produce 26% of its electricity supply from clean sources. Germany has consistently posted record numbers on this front, growing its renewable energy output eight-fold since 1990.

Scottish wind turbines provide a monthly average of 746,510 MWh of electricity

December 2014 was a record month for the Scottish renewable energy sector. During that month, wind turbines alone were said to have provided approximately 1,279 MWh of electrical energy to the national grid, which was said to be enough to supply the energy needs of a whopping 164% of Scottish households.

For over six months in 2014, wind generated enough electricity to power more than 100% of Scottish consumers, while in places such as Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness, there was enough sunshine to provide more than the necessary energy supply for an average home in June and July.
With way things are going for Ireland, experts agree that the country’s power grid could be 100% renewable by 2030.

Ireland’s wind energy production enough to power 1.26 million homes

Based on the figures reported by EirGrid, the state-owned electric power transmission operator in Ireland, wind energy in country created 1,942 MW of energy, said to be enough to supply electrical energy to approximately 1.3 million homes. Ireland’s previous wind energy output was at 1,872 MW.

Onwards to more record numbers

Hot on the heels of smashing renewable energy figures in 2014, the energy industry is looking forward to an even more prolific year in 2015. One sector of the industry that can definitely help boost renewable energy production is temporary power. Rental alternative energy solutions are capable of supporting renewable energy facilities in times of varying and/or erratic supply of principal drivers, like wind or sunshine. They are cost-effective and highly adaptable to different usage patterns and extent. They boast of an advanced, state-of-the-art design that is proven to decrease supply loss by precisely producing only the necessary amount of power at the right places at most opportune times. In addition, they are modular and containerized, so they can easily be transported and installed even in remote sites anywhere in the world.  


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