Monday, October 12, 2015

Encouraging Outlook for the Middle East Rental Power Market

The rental power market in the Middle East has remained buoyant, and is predicted to go on expanding in years to come. Buoyed by the development of new rental power technologies, interim power stations will continue to find application in a variety of sectors, including utility markets, extractive industries like mining and oil & gas, large process industries and major infrastructure construction projects.

Among the rental power technologies available, diesel generators will continue to dominate the market, largely due to the wide availability of fuel, fuel safety & economy and ease of installment. However, it is helpful to note that generators running on other fuels, such as natural gas and dual-fuel (a combination of diesel and gas), are progressively gaining ground. The market expansion of such technologies is spurred by the increasing availability of inexpensive locally extracted natural gas and the strict emission regulations in many countries around the world.

There have been observed limitations on the growth of the natural gas generator market, including fuel availability, and the prohibitive cost of installing safe and reliable fuel delivery infrastructure. Today, these are gradually being mitigated by the availability of cost-effective natural gas resources, and the application of natural gas technologies in bigger and longer-duration projects. In addition, dual-fuel generators simplifies the transition from diesel-run to gas-run generators.

There is also a growing trend towards the use of renewables in the region, particularly solar. As technology here develops, it is inevitable that they will play an increasingly important role in the future energy mix, and in the development of hybrid solutions with diesel or natural gas generators.


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