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The Top 5 Economic Benefits of Hiring Multi-Megawatt Power Plants

An increasing number of industrial companies and businesses around the world are looking for various means to streamline their operations, minimize operating costs and improve their bottom line, and at the same time maintain their competitiveness.

One area in their operation that industrial companies and businesses can optimize is their energy supply and usage. It is essential that industrial companies not only manage their power utilization and energy efficiency but also assess the cost of their principal electricity source, be it from the national grid or from their own power generation facility. This is particularly critical for industrial companies operating in locations remote from the national grid, like manufacturing plants, mines, and oil & gas facilities. These companies should keenly evaluate the cost benefits of various available power supply solutions, among which are purchasing their own power generation facilities or partnering with a multi-megawatt temporary power provider.

There are several factors that come into play when choosing an appropriate power supply solution. Aside from cost, there are other considerations like timing, duration of requirement, availability of manpower and know-how, and associated servicing and maintenance. At first, investing in a proprietary power generation facility may seem optimal, but industrial companies and businesses need to closely evaluate the merits of all options available.

Here is a run-down of five of the most notable benefits of renting multi-megawatt power plants:

1. No need for large capital expenditure

When industrial companies and businesses choose to hire multi-megawatt rental power plants, they will avoid making large capital expenditure and will not be constrained to commit a significant amount of their company’s working capital to a fixed asset (in this case, a power plant). This proposition will improve their cash flow and facilitate their financial forecasting because they can pay for the rented electricity from their operating expenditure over a guaranteed payment schedule.

In addition, renting multi-megawatt temporary power plants offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the power capacity, or extend the rental period, if required.

2. Avoid associated costs

Industrial companies and businesses should be aware of the associated costs involved in purchasing a power plant. Among these are insurance, spare parts, and ancillary items, among others. These are unavoidable additional purchases they need to make to ensure that the power plant is efficiently working and delivering the desired amount of power.

In the case of rental power plants, all spares and ancillaries are taken care of by the temporary power provider, making budgeting and financial forecasting easier for industrial companies and businesses. Simply put, when hiring multi-megawatt power plants, everything related to operating and maintaining the plants is the responsibility of the power service provider so the customers can concentrate on running their businesses.

3. No need to hire new engineers or technicians

Power plants should be operated by skilled and trained engineers and technical professionals. In most cases, industrial companies and businesses purchasing their own power plant will also need to hire new staff members to run the power plant. Not only will this represent an associated cost, but hiring engineers and technicians to work in remote locations will have its own share of challenges.

This can be avoided by partnering with a reputable temporary power provider. Rental power companies, like Altaaqa Global Caterpillar Rental Power, have expert, Caterpillar-certified engineers and technicians who will take care of operating and maintaining the power plants throughout the duration of the contract.

In addition, they are also able to provide training to the customers’ own engineers and technicians so the latter can enhance their knowledge of power generation and be able to play vital roles in operating the customers’ own plants, if need be.

4. Complete demobilization

One other distinct benefit of hiring multi-megawatt power plants is that the plants can be completely demobilized when the need for power has passed or when the contract is finished. This means that there will be no customer-owned permanent power facility or equipment left that will require constant maintenance or servicing. This ultimately indicates that when the requirement for prime or supplemental electricity is finished, the expenditure associated with it also stops.

5. Complete power solutions

Rental power companies, like Altaaqa Global Caterpillar Rental Power, offer more than generators: They provide integrated energy solutions. From meeting the customers in order to precisely understand their requirements; to designing the power plants; delivering the required equipment at site; installing the power plants; commissioning, operating, maintaining and servicing them; training the customers’ own engineers and technicians; through to demobilization, multi-megawatt temporary power providers work to provide their customers 100% peace of mind so they can concentrate on growing their business.

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